Episode 30: Douglas Karr on Risk-Taking

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Inspiration, Marketing, Season 3, Technology | 0 comments

This episode of The Art of Humanity is all about transparency in marketing and technology. Douglas Karr is a MarTech expert who shares his story about being an entrepreneur and risk-taking. We also dive into Cambridge Analytica, SEO, and native advertising.

Douglas Karr is the founder of The MarTech Blog and recognized MarTech expert. Doug is a Keynote and Marketing Public Speaker. He’s the CEO of DK New Media, an agency specializing in assisting marketing technology companies with their inbound marketing – leveraging social media, blogging, search engine optimization, pay per click and public relations. He’s developed digital marketing and product strategies for Angie’s List, GoDaddy, Salesforce, Webtrends, and SmartFOCUS. Douglas is also the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies and co-author of The Better Business Book.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. How the newspaper industry shaped his career into an innovator
  2. His first entrepreneurial experience working with the Indianapolis Colts at the Superbowl
  3. How risk-taking fueled his career
  4. How he became a successful entrepreneur after never graduating college and being a single father of two kids.
  5. Why the best companies have a culture of innovation and change
  6. Why link earning is better than paid backlinks
  7. Is there any purity in publicity today?
  8. Why native advertising is the future

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