Episode 7: Asa Idoni on sound healing

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Inspiration, Season 1, Wellness | 0 comments

The Art of Humanity is a weekly 30-minute podcast that explores creativity and consciousness with artists, leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs.

In Episode 7 of The Art of Humanity, I talk with sound healer Asa Idoni.

Asa is a composer and sound healer, a certified hypnotherapist, and practitioner of neurolinguistic programing.


In this interview, Asa and I discuss:

  • How he incorporates music into his therapeutic practice so that evolution and change can occur more easily.
  • How he lets the muse work through him by having an open schedule
  • Why “integral theory” catalyzes the evolutionary process
  • How we can see the deeper interconnectivity between all forms of insight

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Jessica Ann’s honesty and authenticity is clearly reflected in this podcast. Blending humanity in these conversations is so beautiful. You will certainly get much more from the podcast than your expectations! In a time when we are overwhelmed with information, this podcast makes it to the list of must-listen. Highly recommended!!

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